Song of the Day — David Bowie

January 28, 2011
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Ok, universe.  You passed the test.  I have been a monster ever since getting home tonight from work, haven’t written a thing in two months, posted almost no music, have abandoned this blog, and now, surfing the net, riding a wave of needy and fragmented, I dropped by here to prove to myself that I am alone.

Found a whole bunch of visits.

What are people looking for?  I can only guess.  Who visited?  Not a clue.  The WordPress ticker gives me raw numbers and nothing else.  But people keep coming here looking for something, and I don’t do porn or cute animal pictures — or both — so… yippee!  A fabulous source of guilt!  Oh, I feel bad for not writing.  I’m a bad, bad boy for not posting songs.  I deserve punishment…

Oops.  I said no porn.  Ok.  Here are a couple of songs off of Aladdin Sane, which I’ve always thought of as “Ziggy Stardust, the leftover tracks”.  That may sound snarky, but is actually high praise.  Anything even remotely attached to Ziggy is a gift from God.

Drive In Saturday

Panic In Detroit




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Silence (and Song of the Day — Led Zeppelin)

January 16, 2011
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I’ll stay silent here for a while more, but not forever.  I’m surprised at how many of you keep checking to see if there’s something new.  I’ll crank the engine and get going again sooner because of your attention.  Thanks!


Here’s a beautiful Led Zeppelin song that does NOT rock and roll.  I played it for my mom when I was 15 to convince her that she should listen to Zep, with mixed results:  she did like the song, and she continued to not like Led Zeppelin.  Silly.  They ROCK!  Except here, of course:



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