Rolling Home

April 7, 2010
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This old man, he took call.

He took call, then hit the wall.

With a Nick’s whacked, crazy whacked,

Stick a fork he’s done.

This old man is acting stunned.


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Not With a Bang, Not With a Whimper

March 27, 2010
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This article is for those who either currently have or used to have parents.  I pray never to be thankful to have read it.  I also pray someday to use sentences with less complicated grammar.  If I have to choose, I’ll take the never in the future being thankful to have read it in the past of that future.


Anyway, Jonathan Rauch’s account of his father’s decline and its effect on his life is both human and eloquent.  He spends time on Betty Friedan and The Feminine Mystique that he might have used on the modern history of caregiving and The 36 Hour Day, but I guess that reinforces his point that sometimes we don’t even know what help we need.  Such a worthwhile article to read, even if you are lucky enough never to go through what he or his father did.

Letting Go of My Father

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Trying To Be Phair, Landing At O’Hare

March 7, 2010
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I was flying into Chicago tonight,

Watching the black lake below reflect back no light.

The sun had long set, left behind by the plane,

the cabin lit only with blue TV glow.

In 22B I was on top of the wing,

Watching Chicago roll towards us like credits on a screen.


The earth looked like it was lit from within

like a poorly assembled electrical ball

as we moved off of the water and onto the grid.

The plan of the city was all that I saw.

And all of these people sitting totally still

as the ground raced towards them 5,000 feet down.


And I was pretending that I was being

Liz Phair in Stratford-On-Guy.

I clicked rewind and cranked up the sound

the last chords of the flight, to fill up my skull.

Cause I had on my headphones along with those eyes

that you get when your circumstance is… life size.


It took a minute, or less I’d say

but once I really listened

the noise

just went away.

Bleak Hows

February 25, 2010
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Sorry, folks.  The ghosts are swarming these days.  It’s hard for me to find meaning, let alone to create it.

I’ll try to keep posting the music, at least.  Hope you enjoy it.

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Sit with me a sec, please.

February 7, 2010
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I have put my virtual hearing aid in, and turned lights up so that I can see your mouth when you talk.  We’re facing each other.  The room is quiet.  I’m ready to listen.

So tell me… Wait.  One last thing.  Remember, ENUNCIATE, and don’t shout.  Shouting doesn’t help me hear you.  It just makes me anxious, and then my bowels act up, and then I have to go sit in the bathroom.  I come back out, and you remind me to go wash my hands, and then I grump at you that I did, I did, but just to be sure I go wash them in the kitchen sink.  Then our romantic moment has passed.

Which is awful, because that little blue Viagra pill only lasts six hours, you know?  Six hours!  They say six, but I think it’s really about four-and-a-half, tops.  More like four.  Which means I pay about two-fifty, three bucks an hour.  Christ they get away with murder.

Oh, wait.  Sorry.  We’re here to talk, just talk.  So I’m ready now.  Quit looking so bored.  You know what I mean.  You’re making that face again.  Don’t deny it — I saw you.

Anyway, I have a question.  This writing bug has bit me.  No, I don’t know what kind of bug it is.  Let’s call it a bedbug — all my patients seem to have them these days.  No?  OK.  How about a typespider.  You know, like typewriter?  No?  Time was you had a sense of humor.  Fine.

The question is this:  There!  That’s the face!  Hah!  I caught you red handed!

What?  Where are you going?  I didn’t ask you my question!

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This Poem Is Much Funnier To Listen To Than To Read

January 30, 2010
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Billy Collins, off of Garrison Keillor’s compilation English Majors

The Lanyard

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Meager Postings

January 29, 2010

Real life sometimes interferes with important things like daily blog entries. It’s hard to reconcile the goal of posting daily with the goal of posting things with at least the quality of a second draft.

I have a few ideas competing for attention now. Ultimately, what interests me is most likely to be what works for you, too. I’m curious, though, if anyone has preferences:

*Plenty of birth stories wouldn’t mind being pushed out. Unfortunately, the ones most on my mind are the ones that haunt me. Babies die sometimes, and when they do it is every more overwhelmingly sad that I could have imagined.  Thing is, when I start talking about this people get uncomfortable.  So I keep it to myself.  But it never goes away.

*Grownups die too. Some of them are cool people who deserve a little cyberimmortality.

*Funny only happens in the moment. I’ll keep a lookout for those moments, and grab them when they float by.

*I like posting music. Has anyone tried to listen? I don’t care if you like it — I just want to know if you can hear it.

Well, I guess I hope you like it, too.

Check in this weekend. Something will be here.

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